A step by step guide to setup Hyper with fish and oh-my-posh

Proven concepts on how to implement and showcase your UI components

Get familiar with some of Typescript's greatest advanced features.

  • Keyof
  • Typeof
  • Conditional types
  • Utility types
  • Infer type
  • Mapped types

Here’s what you should know going into an interview

How to create your own FontAwesome. Ship SVG icons optimized for tree shakers and splittable across multiple bundles.

How to generate a frontend and backend application with 5 commands

How to bridge the gap between the timing of function calls and Observables

Get an overview of all the essentials required to be productive in a modern front-end-end stack. Find the correct path and kickstart your career!

Kevin Kreuzer

Passionate freelance frontend engineer. ❤️ Always eager to learn, share and expand knowledge.

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