ng-samurai — Schematics to improve tree shaking of Angular libraries

Angular schematics to split your library into multiple chunks with ng-packagr’s subentries

The Game of thrones wiki library

|_ arya-stark
|_ arya-stark.{component, module, etc...}
|_ bran-stark
|_ cercei-lannister
|_ jaime-lannister
|_ john-snow
|_ lannisters
|_ robb-stark
|_ starks
|_ tyrion-lannister
|_ tywin-lannister

Analyze tree shaking for the got-wiki library

The GOT-wiki library used inside an application.
The webpack bundle analyzer nicely illustrates that the four characters are lazy-loaded — each character ends up in a separate chunk.
A chunk that contains all modules from the got-wiki library

Ng-Samurai — split your library into multiple subentries

npm i -D ng-samurai


ng g ng-samurai:split-lib
ng-samurai:split-lib updates our library and splits it into multiple chunks

Build with subentries

The output of a production build that creates multiple entry points
Each module ends up as a separate fesm2015 bundle
Lazy loaded feature module with a tree shakable library — the library code is now split into lazy-loaded chunks.

ng-samurai allows you to get huge optimizations with one command! 💪

Restrictions of ng-samurai

Valid approach for ng-samurai to know how to create subentries — each module will result in a subentry
This will not work — each module will be converted to a subentry. Subentries can not contain subentries.
ng-samurai needs a module.ts file to be present to know where to create the subentry

Creating new features with ng-samurai

ng g ng-samurai:generate-subentry


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