Thanks a lot for the response and for sharing your experience.

I normally do the same as you. I also try to debug locally if possible. But I encountered use cases where it is really hard to reproduce a bug locally. Sometimes a bug relies on a combination of data that only occurs on production and is hard to reproduce locally.

Having some sort of pre-prod environment with source maps is cool — but it also means that the build differs from your production environment. One build is with source maps and one is without.

This should normally not be a problem but in our setup, for example, we build the artifact, test it and then move the same artifact from stage to stage without rebuilding it. The pre-prod stage contains the same artifact as production will. Therefore having source maps on pre-prod but not in prod doesn’t work for us.

Like you, I also prefer to debug locally if possible but sometimes it is really nice to have the options described above.

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