The perfect home office setup

My tips on how to create a creative and productive environment at home

Kevin Kreuzer
9 min readMar 8, 2022

Home office doesn't work. How many times have I heard that phrase from a project manager? No, we don't trust you if you work from home and therefore we expect you in the office to see you working is what they meant.

I am aware that there are jobs and areas where home office has its downsides but for me, as a Software developer I don’t really see many downsides.

Suddenly the pandemic hits and changes the status quo. For two years we are forced to work from home. And guess what? Our applications still run, features are delivered, and bugs are fixed.

I never felt more productive before. There are no interruptions, fewer coffee breaks, fewer unnecessary meetings, and a creative work environment that I need to reach my full potential.

But creating the right environment and home office setup takes some effort. In this article, I am going to describe my preferred setup.

I work as a software engineer, but I believe that this setup also works very well for all other sorts of digital professions.

The Desk

I don't have too many requirements for a desk. It should be big enough to keep my workspace clean and…



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