The ultimate terminal

A step by step guide to setup Hyper with fish and oh-my-posh

Kevin Kreuzer


Today I finally received my new Mac Book Pro. The product I have been waiting for for weeks. After unboxing, I am finally ready to set up my brand new Mac.

So, where to start? Hmm… What’s the most important tool for a developer? A proper terminal, of course. I am not talking about an old fashion looking terminal. I am talking about some fancy stuff here.

What’s included

Our final terminal consists of three layers.

A Shell, a framework, and finally a terminal. There are various choices for each of those levels. In our case, we will use fish as a shell, oh-my-posh as a framework, and Hyper as a Terminal.

The Shell

A shell is an interface to the operating system. We can use this interface to execute commands or even scripts.

The most common shells are probably bash and zsh. zsh is much more customizable than bash but at its core, they are very similar. So if zsh and bash are the most common shells, why are we using fish?

Fish stands for ‘Friendly interactive Shell.’ Its high customizability has awesome tab completion, and syntax highlighting makes it, at least in my opinion, the most user-friendly shell.

Installing fish 🐟

There are various ways to install software. I use a Mac and usually install all my developer software with Homebrew. Throughout this tutorial, we will also use Homebrew but there are other ways to install the software.

brew install fish

That’s it. fish is installed. But at this point, we are not seeing much because no terminal is yet using fish.

Oh my posh — the theme engine for your terminal

To let our terminal shine, we install oh-my-posh.

Oh My Posh is a custom prompt engine for any shell that has the ability to adjust…



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